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Jazz Module Vol. 1

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Todd Johnson

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THE WALKING BASS LINE MODULE SYSTEM takes the mystery out of learning to play walking bass lines by breaking it down into small "bite size" chunks that anyone can digest! In Volume 1 - Triad Module System, learn: Strong beat / weak beat theory Ear training / play what you hear Blues changes Autumn Leaves changes Control major and minor triads Chromatic approaches from above & below Solid, organized practice plan Here's what others are saying about "The Walking Bass Line Module System": While it's ideal for giving beginning and intermediate players a thorough grounding in one of the most fundamental concepts in bass playing, it also offers advanced bassists a chance to expand their skills by offering a new way of looking at constructing bass lines. It's a great work out and I recommend it to anyone who wants to master walking bass!" -- Michael Manring One of the finest electric bass educators on the planet. Todd's DVDs are indispensable viewing for any bassist wanting to play jazz. -- Steve Lawson Simply - it's excellent. While lots of instructional videos spew something, show one example, and scurry off to the next topic randomly, TJ lays it out methodically, one piece at a time. Once the concepts are explained, you get treated to many different small pieces to internalize. The super organized, one piece at a time approach made me wish I lived in TJ's region so that I could take private lessons with him. -- Frank I have been struggling with my walking for a long time now. After watching this DVD I have already improved A LOT! The 'module' idea makes perfect sense to me. I have bought several instructional books on walking theory and all I got was discouraged. It always seemed so complicated. Todd presents his system clearly and in a way that even beginners can start walking IMMEDIATELY! Yes, it's that easy. Todd's system is that good...You will be glad after taking my advice and getting this video. -- Joe

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