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About the LGM Website

Learngospelmusic.com (LGM is dedicated to "releasing the anointing" in everyone. No matter what your skill level is, we provide our members with product and training that will help them get to the next level.

We aim to empower and equip the church musician to reach his or her fullest potential in God through LGM‘s Four Cornerstones:

1. Prayer
2. Support
3. Discipline
4. Training

We strive to provide quality content that is educational and practical. LGM’s membership provides constant online interaction, chords for various songs, piano, organ, guitar and bass lessons, prayer requests, and partnerships with gospel industry leading websites such as GospelFlava.com and Blackgospellyricministry.org.

We are excited about the lives that have committed to giving God their best and see gospel music presented in a manner that is pleasing and uplifting to God. E-mail: feedback@learngospelmusic.com


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