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Crazy Chords and Crazy Runs

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Quenell Gaskins

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itle: Crazy Chords, Crazy Runs! Artist: Quenell Gaskins Note: OVER 4 HOURS LONG Level: Advanced INSTRUCTIONAL DVD. Quenell Gaskins in an incredible and talented musician. He takes us on a journey of crazy chords and runs. His energetic style will bring life and excitement to your playing. He spends time taking you through many types of complex chord changes and voicings. He also gives you various runs to increase your musical palette. Quenell currently plays for Myron Butler and Dr. Juanita Bynum. You will learn: - Altered Voicings - Talk Music - Preacher Chords - Scales and Runs - Finger Exercises & Techniques - Chord Changes - Shout Music Over 15 Chapters!

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