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Organ Master Class

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Essentially one of the busiest keyboardists and multi-instrumentalists in the Detroit area, Eddie Howard, Jr. has played with a multitude of gospel projects from small groups to choirs and also branches out into R&B and light jazz. He even played keyboards and sang some background vocals on the infamous Bosnia benefit concert two-record set produced in Detroit by Grand Funk Railroad, making Howard, Jr. one of the few performers who has mouthed the words of both the liturgy and Mark Farner. It is doubtful that Howard, Jr., a member of gospel ensembles such as the excellent Commissioned, would look back on Bosnia as the high point of his career. Most likely the nod would go to his versatile solo project entitled The Word, first uttered by the New Spirit label in 2002. This artist's prior activities also include performing with the Church of God and Christ and the Clark Sisters, the latter group considered kind of a female version of Commissioned. Howard, Jr. pitches in as an arranger and composer as well as a keyboardist who has presented many different options for electronic sound in this context. Songs he helped jot out for Commissioned include the lenient "Second Chance" as well as the sneaky "Secret Place"; one highlight of his solo effort is the somewhat sardonic "He Can Work It Out," kind of a born-again take on the well-known Fab Four credo. The keyboardist has also collaborated with Detroit performers such as Fred Hammond, the Williams Brothers, and Anita Baker.

The C.O.G.I.C. is well known for producing excellence in the music arena. Elder Eddie Howard Jr. is no exception. He is a renowned organist who has played for such legends as the Clark Sisters and Commissioned.

In this DVD he imparts over 4.5 hours of organ instruction. This DVD contains over 20 lessons on

* Talk Music
* Preacher Chords
* Grooves,
* II-V-I changes,
* Shout music,
* and many songs.

Traditional and Contemporary

Intermediate to Advanced

DVD (4.5 hours)


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