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Organ Essentials I

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Anthony Gray

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INSTRUCTIONAL DVD. Anthony Gray A.K.A. "The Hammondman", is known on the internet as a theory teacher on many internet message board forums. He has helped thousands of musicians to grow and increase their musical knowledge. This DVD is for the beginner and the intermediate looking to understand gospel music through theory. He takes you through songs, progressions, scales, and techniques to help you grow as a gospel player. This DVD is designed to give you a basic foundation to gospel music.

You will learn:
Major and Minor Chords, Key Centers, Tritones, Chord Progressions, 4th Chords, Pedal Technique, Layered Chords, Chord Substitutions, Superimposed Chords and much more!

Over 3.5 hours of instruction. Plus online support for all chapters covered on DVD.

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