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Urban Worship Extreme DVD

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Jamal Hartwell

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Urban and Contemporary Worship Xtreme is designed to jump start you into the next phase of your playing. You already know how to play, but you've been stuck in the same spot. Urban and Contemporary Worship Xtreme is packed with chord progression variations, substitutions, licks, tricks, fast and slow movements, jazz, neo soul, DVD extras and an Xtreme dose of "phatness" that you've been craving! We have included many intricate chord arrangements as it relates to gospel, jazz, R&B, and neo soul. We also take very popular songs and "flip" them so you will know how to make songs more contemporary and urban sounding. Even if you don't play gospel music, you will appreciate the jazzy neo soul chords that you will learn from this DVD.

Style / Genre : Contemporary

Items Covered:

* Ditones
* Tritones
* Jazzy Intros
* Neo Soul Clusters
* Neo Movements
* "Phat" Progressions
* Chord Substitutions

Instrument: Piano

Level: Intermediate / Advance

Media: DVD

Length: 8 Hours

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