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Worship Chord List

11-3-4-5 Worship Progressions FPiano
21-4-5 Worship Progression FPiano
32-3-4 Worship Progressions FPiano
44-5-6 Worship Progression pt. 1 FPiano
54-5-6 Worship Progression pt. 2 FPiano
64-b7-1 Progression DbPiano
7Anointed Worship Chords CPiano
8b6-b7-1 Worship Progression FPiano
9Minor 1-4-5 Progression CPiano
10Worship Chord #3 GPiano
11Worship Chord #4 CPiano
12Worship Chord #7 DbPiano
13Worship Chord #8 AbPiano
14Worship Chords #1 CPiano
15Worship Chords #2 CPiano
16Worship Chords #5 AbPiano
17Worship Chords #6 EbPiano
18Worship Chords #9 CPiano
19Worship Progression with the add 9 FPiano


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